Energy Body Yoga:  Beyond the Physical. May 13th and June 3rd

Energy Body Yoga:  Beyond the Physical. May 13th and June 3rd



What are you made of…bones, muscles, and blood?  Something more that is unseen?  For tens-of-thousands of years, cultures across the planet have explored the parts of us that are unseen, that vibrate, that feel, that animate, process, and understand. These workshops are tools to expand your ideas of where our physical and our energy bodies intersect, layer, and blend, and to understand yourself on a deeper level. If these ideas resonate with you, consider exploring it more deeply this Spring with Alicia Fronczek here at Yes, Yoga.  This two class series is intended to deepen your knowledge of your mind/body/energy connection and guide you to another level in your practice. The sessions with build on each other, so we recommend attending both, however you can attend just one session.


Chakra Yoga: Rise Up

This session is about knowledge and action. You will learn about the energetic anatomy of the Chakra system that exists in every one of us…its location, qualities, and how the chakras are intimately connected to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  The workshop will also include a flowing asana practice focused on the activation of the Chakra system.  Then we will drop into a guided Reiki healing meditation that connects you to the Chakras and heals imbalances and blockages.


Prana Yoga: Drop In

A deep exploration of the subtle energy body and the prana system that moves within it.  You will learn more about the energetic anatomy system and learn to sense the subtle energy field, or prana body. We will also explore ways to work with the flow of prana in the body through a slow and gentle asana practice, mudras, massage techniques, and a guided meditation with Reiki healing.


$25 in advance/$30 at the door


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