Isabel Groedel

About Isabel

Isabel sought out yoga at age 15 as a way to continue mindful movement after deciding to quit competitive dance. What started as a physical practice gradually evolved into a spiritual journey that her all over the world She credits her yoga journey over the years for her commitment to self-awareness, mindful action, self-love and balance. Isabel’s approach to yoga emphasizes sound alignment, clear instruction, intelligent sequencing, and a playful mentality; her classes reflect her understanding of the human rhythm and experience: sweaty, humbling, and grounding. Currently, Isabel is teaching therapeutic yoga to kids and teens at APEX Youth Center in Central City and for ReNEW School’s Therapy program (RTP). Off the mat you can find Isabel on a patch of grass in the sun somewhere wrestling with her pitbull, working on a documentary-film about the trials and triumphs of the millennial generation, and/or talking about feelings and doing headstands with her loved ones over a glass (or 3) of red wine.


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